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Published in History & Culture


My neighbours: You must get reliable ones in Life

My neighbours are both an inspiration and a source of frustration for me. This is the worst of my past, as I've described.

There are maybe many types of experience from your neighbourhood, but my neighbour is unique, and very difficult to judge. However, these are the sweetest as well as bittersweet experiences.

Some of them are like the movie character, Totoro, and the other won't be able to sleep you the entire night. Therefore, you will learn how turning these paragraphs will understand why I am right and wrong sporadically.

For our life, we first select the area for living, and foremost, we look at our neighbours. Thus, so often, they become god and keep helping each other and the families. However, sometimes they behave cruel when money and power meets together. Therefore, choosing who are our neighbours are one of the most important factors of our living being.

man in blue polo shirt standing beside a man sitting by the window | My neighbours: You Must know At Least Once In Your Lifetime
My neighbours: You Must know At Least Once In Your Lifetime | Photo by Maria Paula Medina on Pexels.com

Nobody should get people like My neighbours

I live in the area where my neighbours are of two different types. One was hard and the other soft in their behaviours. We learn from both types of people. I am talking about them  when I was a kid. Every night the hard family used to be dunked and shout a loud around in the verandah. Thus, they used to abuse every alternate day without any reasons.

The family was unafraid and always ready for the game of dare and dangers. The other neighbour used to keep themselves away from any matter of concerns. We used to keep our window closed and doors and gate shut. This used to cause chaos around the one who has recently got married, and the society got a new member in the family. It was a public shame to hear such abusive language.

On the other hand, the soft family used to ignore them and do the same thing our family used to follow (shutting the house to ignore abusing language). You must be thinking that what I get or a new learning from this hard family. From his kid's bad habits, I used to learn for occasionally. However, those bad habits used to bring a strength in me when any guy used to mess with me.

Furthermore, soft-spoken family were also too useful in learning. When I used to involved in the fight of someone else, I used to cooling down the fight between the other guys. Thus, I used to get power remembering the bad family members. And, overcome my weakness by wining the hearts of the family, from whom I became very understanding guy (soft family influence).

Both the family were important equally. But when I read about the great Chinese philosopher, Mengzi. When he was a kid, and to get a quality environment, Mencius’s mother moved three times. It means she has changed the place of living three times to find a better and quality neighbours.

person standing on hand rails with arms wide open facing the mountains and clouds
Photo by Nina Uhlikova on Pexels.com

However, the life consist of two things, bad and good, and happy and sad. Therefore, no one has escaped from this life cycle. Thus, I believe that both good and bad, which yield happy and sad life get posted to everyone from the account of god. The rules of almighty and nobody breaks free from it.

Furthermore, when I talked about the life cycle, one of the poems of Rumi from the book “The Masnavi” taught me different state of soul of every living being on the planet earth.

[…] I died to the mineral state and became a plant,

I died to the vegetal state and reached animality,

I died to the animal state and became a man,

Then what should I fear? I have never become less from dying.

At the next charge (forward) I will die to human nature […]

Therefore, neighbours are always good and bad, and they must exist around us and they always helpful for us in some other form. Thus, we should keep spreading love among them always. Both the form of nature of neighbours are essential at the end in the need. What are your thoughts on your neighbour's life, do not forget to put in the comment box.

Join us in celebrating the power of #storytelling

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