Reasons why everyone talking about

Vrukshavalli Amha Soyari

The poem Vrukshavalli Amha Soyari by Tukobaraya (Tukoba—Saint Tukaram) of 17th century Hindu poet and saint of Maharashtra, known popular for his devotional poetry and Bhakti Movements.

The Birds, Trees, Animals are the forms of god and presence of its creatures. The birds give its melodious rhythmic love to the entire world. For all of us, they are our blood and flesh.

People who love such quietness feels happy and thus this beauty of nature, chirping of birds brings no merit and demerits. And let come neither close to you nor let touch to you.

The perspective of looking at others remain the same and bring equality. This infinite sky, uncountable stars is roof for all of us. My heart, soul dance with its rhythm.

If one wants to give a therapy to your soul, inner-self? Only need enough clothes that could hide to walk in the society, 

water that Kamandalu could hold, such nature and pure air. These things are the best way to give the best treatment and cleans your soul.

After you set yourself for meditation you need no food, I consider this meditation is my meal of the day. The air, water, meditation, the sky and this holy earth is enough for me to live.

Tuka says, after doing these, your soul talk to you. It let you know who you are and what is your purpose behind living on this holy land.

Poetry of Tukaram turned millions into devotee and fall for his remarkable writings in Marathi.