Milli Movie Review, Janhvi Kapoor

Mili, played by Janhvi, has a BSc in nursing and hopes to work in Canada in the future.

She is the perfect daughter to her father, who is portrayed by the dependable Manoj Pahwa.

For the first thirty minutes, Mili is shown as the ideal girl who always smiles at mall security guards and goes to the temple.

Mili, 24, has a lot going on, including her partner who is from a different caste and her fast-paced environment.

She is confined within the cold storage of a restaurant one day when things are already bad, and she must now adapt to survive and escape alive.

This is Jahnvi Kapoor's third remake in a career spanning six movies. In the roles when she is confined to the cold storage, the actor excels.

She has a good probability of being too dramatic, yet she manages to keep it in check.

Where credit is due, Janhvi and Manoj Pahwa create a father-daughter bond that feels quite natural.

They are adorable and deserving of support. Pahwa, who doesn't need to do much to be the best on screen, is heavily dependent on.

These names have combined to become very popular. Why do we need scene-to-scene remakes now that subtitles are considered the norm? Create as you please.

A hassle-free, enjoyable, straightforward, and just sufficiently exhilarating ride is Mili.

Even if it lacks the allure of CGI extravaganzas, fighter jets, faultless heroes, and glamorous heroines, it is nevertheless worth watching.