Love Letter Of Frida Kahlo To Diego


My dear Mr. Diego,I’m writing this letter from a hospital room before I am admitted into the operating theatre.

They want me to hurry, but I am determined to finish writing first, as I don’t want to leave anything unfinished.

Especially now that I know what they are up to. They want to hurt my pride by cutting a leg off.

When they told me it would be necessary to amputate, the news didn’t affect me the way everybody expected.

No, I was already a maimed woman when I lost you, again, for the umpteenth time maybe, and still, I survived.

I am not afraid of pain and you know it. It is almost inherent to my being, although I confess that I suffered, and a great deal,

when you cheated on me, every time you did it, not just with my sister but with so many other women.

How did they let themselves be fooled by you? You believe I was furious about Cristina, but today I confess that it wasn’t because of her.

It was because of me and you. First of all because of me, since I’ve never been able to understand what you looked and look for,

what they give you that I couldn’t. Let’s not fool ourselves, Diego, I gave you everything that is humanly possible to offer, and we both know that.

But still, how the hell do you manage to seduce so many women when you’re such an ugly son of a bitch?

The reason why I’m writing is not to accuse you of anything more than we’ve already accused each other of in this and however many more bloody lives.