Louis Tomlinson’s “Faith in the Future” is Out

Louis’s most anticipated moment came to an end on November 11, 2022.

English singer-songwriter Louis Troy Austin (born December 24, 1991) finally made the announcement of his second album, “Faith in the Future.”

Tomlinson had already declared that he would begin production on his second album in July 2022.

He had additionally committed to finishing the record by August 2022. It’s never too late.

Finally, on November 11th 2022, he released his record.

“I’m so excited to finally tell you that my new album Faith In the Future is out 11th November...

After living with this album for a while I can’t wait for you all to hear it. Thank you for allowing me to make the music I want to make.”

On the YouTube-hosted podcast of American DJ Zach Sang from two months ago.

He had introduced and discussed how the word “faith in the future” got the title of his second album on the show called Zach Sang Show.

His singles, “Two of Us”, “We Made it”, “Kill My Mind” Don’t Let It Break Your Heart”, and “Walls”. Therefore, Tomlinson’s debut album, Walls released in Jan 2020.