astrology 2023

Lal Kitab remedies for you

Aries मेष (Mesh)

Aries is the first zodiac sign, people born under this sign must have a scarlet sectarian mark (tilak) on their forehead after bathing. They can also use naval to accomplish the same thing. Ekadashi fasting is most recommended for them. However, they should use less salt in their food, especially on Tuesday.

Taurus वृषभ (Vrushabh)

Always use a silver lamp; light it up with ghee mostly on Tuesday. Taurus, the ruling sign, must also perform Durga worship, use red flowers for God, and donate clothing to the poor.

Gemini मिथुन (Mithun)

Gemini people need to give a lot of respect in this year to elderly people. Feed atta wheat flour to fish, donate traditional bread to needy. However, in 2023 do not forget to make children happy by distributing them gifts.

Cancer वृषभ (Vrushabh)

In the year 2023, Lal Kitab remedies for cancer dominant sign, you have to be keep calm, secretive. Remember, do not share your ideas, future plans with stranger, or even with your friends and family. If you want to grow, Durga Chalisa is recommended. Read and worship Durga Goddess on Wednesday.

Leo सिंह (Sinh)

Lal Kitab remedies for Leo: You have to be sweet thought out this year. 2023 is one of the great year for you. Just need to focus on every aspect of your life. Whenever you go out, just need to have sweet on your lovely tongue to be sweet with others. Your anger may lead to unwanted argument.

Virgo कन्या (Kanya)

Your luck is on the way, you just have to make others happy by feeding and get the more bless this year to accomplish your goal. Use green vegetables to feed cow and the other animals. Keep silver ring in your little finger. It will keep you calm and focus and follow Lal Kitab remedies in 2023.

Libra तुला (Tula)

One of the best Libra sign and it's dominant people has a lot of opportunities. Use 2023 to make the best of it as per Lal Kitab remedies. worship Durga Goddess on Tuesday and Friday. Use red flowers a lot in Pooja.

Scorpius वृश्चिक (Vrushchik)

Lal Kitab remedies for Scorpius, people have to follow Hanuman Chalisa, Early morning, a spoon of honey will definitely help you in 2023. Also, do not forget to donate food to poor people.

Sagittarius धनु (Dhanu)

Sagittarius dominant people need to overcome nervousness, in 2023 you have to worship God Ganesha and chant whenever you feel nervous. Also, if you can get, wear 6 face Rudraksha. Use yellow colour, you can wear shirt, pant, watch, etc.

Capricorn मकर (Makar)

The year 2023 for Capricon native is very favourable. Lal Kitab remedies for Capricon, you may have strong stability, maturity, and a systematic attitude to life if you wear a blue sapphire gemstone, though. This year, it may bring money, health, and success.

Aquarius कुंभ (Kumbha)

In the year 2023, silver is going to protect you. You have to keep silver coin in your pocket, and ring in your finger. Also, fasting on Saturday will give you peace and wealth as per Lal Kitab remedies for 2023

Pisces मीन (Meen)

This year 2023 is a perfect for you to impress your partner. Their suggestions would help you make the best business deal in this year. Take blessing from elderly people from your family. Visit your ancient family temple (kuldevata), a spiritual destination of your family and worship them.