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Published in History & Culture


Brave heart Ravindra Kaushik on sacrificing his life for India

Ravindra Kaushik was a brave person from Brahmin family who spent his entire life for nation as a spy.
Ravindra Kaushik in India before signing off the project.
Ravindra Kaushik while acting

The famous spy, Nabi Ahmed Shakir (b. 11 April 1952 — d. Nov 2001) was an Indian Ravindra Kaushik, (real name) Hindu, from a well-respected Brahmin family. Sri Ganganagar (village) boy who once born to be an actor. Kaushik’s passion for performing art was overwhelming and noticeable. The last performance was displaced at the national level in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The audience was included special guests from the Indian Intelligence Officials (RAW Agents).

Becoming a RAW Agent

Nabi became one of those lucky students. After he got selected for a big role in his life he has never performed. He considered himself the offer was a chance to serve his nation, accepted, and soon became an undercover RAW agent. His mammoth passion for acting had become a lifetime survivor. The country that could send him to invite anytime for his death if he caught.

Ravindra Kaushik in Pakistan
Ravindra Kaushik

The acceptance to condemn the offer to carry the face of fake identity. It was like injecting the serums of patriotism in his nerves. It was the real reason for how he was more than in-love for his country than his acting. Normally at the age of 23, a life hardly completes the education. And becomes fully functional for the next phase of life (get married and start spending happy days).

Kaushik was the one among his friends suddenly sent on a mission. The record of his family, friends, and historical events of his existence was completely extinguished by the officials. Ravindra had informed his family, that he got a job offer in one of the companies in Dubai. And going to live there for the rest of his life.

Being an actor it was a straightforward job for him. He had stated (challenged) to the officials at his last meeting that he will never be caught by anybody.

Conversion into Pakistani

After considering all the aspects, with his successful completion of training.

Kaushik could speak Punjabi and neighbouring languages since his school days as a passion. The languages had never been a barrier in his acting.

It included Rituals, Techniques of Namaz, Polish on Tone, and after converting him to Muslim he was sent to Pakistan. Apart from his ability, his luck was also giving his good supports and surprises day after day.

The agent soon got admission to Karachi University. And completed his education in LLB. (he knows, learning the laws of the country would definitely help him to live in Pakistan effectively). After his degree course, he passed the military exams. And became a commissioned officer in Pakistan. Looking at this performance (rewards and recognition). Pakistan Army promoted him to Major. Mr Nabi also got married to a local Pakistani girl, from a reputed family.

Ravindra Kaushik's Contribution to Indian Defence Force

Mr Sakir had proven himself a very crucial person. Especially, with the Indian Defence Force for passing precious information for 4 years from Pakistan between 1973 and 1983.

The laid trap of India suddenly collapsed in 1983.

India quoted him, “Black Tiger” The one who appears nowhere, unknown in the dark, but knows
what he could see what's going on in the scene with eagle eyes.

It was when India sent one more RAW, Inyat Masiha helping hand for Mr Ahmed Sakir. But Pakistani Research and Analytic Wings caught Inyat. And The second RAW uncovered the identity of unknown and mysterious Ravindra Kaushik. All the effort had ruined, and it became the biggest mistake made by India.

In two years, Mr Kaushik was tortured to death and placed him in various Pakistani cells. The Supreme Court of Pakistan had given him a life sentence. Mr Sakir’s those two years taught him to believe that he is going to die there only. He managed somehow to contact his parents in India through the letters and communicated to his loved ones.

— Ravindra Kaushik in one of the letters, he asked his parents,

Is this the reward a person gets for sacrificing his life for a great nation like India?

Ravindra Kaushik

Soon a heart decease and Tuberculosis buckled him for the rest of his life. And he took his last breath in 2001 in jail. His last wish was to return to India. But he was ignored completely. As per the terms and conditions he agreed and signed while he was being sent on to the mission.

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