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Published in History & Culture, Literature & Language, Poetry Analysis


Published in History & Culture, Literature & Language, Poetry Analysis


Pasayadan Lyrics: Discover a source of positive vibes

Reading Pasayadan lyrics everyday at the end of prayer is like creating positive vibes in surrounding. Just try it, it is one of my favourite poems. Also, learn what Aamir Khan says about it.

Pasayadan lyrics: The whole text of Pasayadan is based on a commentary on the 700-verse Hindu literature known as the Bhagavat Geeta, which is a component of the Mahabharata. It creates positive energy if you do this prayer in your home. It has a deep meaning of prosperity, success, vibe of good friendship and bring confidence in one's life.

I still believe that when i was a kid, I used to visit the temple and attend the prayers, and at the every end of the prayer, there were always Pasayadan. The power of the poem Pasayadan and the lyrics is unbelievable if you understand Sankrit and Marathi. Also, the great actor Aamir Khan also talked about Pasayadan

Aamir Khan talking about Pasayadan Lyrics

Aamir Khan has explained it well in Hindi about the poem pasayadan and its purpose. The great saint Dnyaneshwar Maharaj wrote this poem and why, what was his motive behind writing the poem.

Today's youth must comprehend the significance of Pasayadan lyrics and why they were penned at the end of the novel Dynaeshwari. Learn why Saint Dnyaneshwar did not ask for anything in return, instead requesting a favour from the Almighty for all creatures but not for himself.

Pasayadan is written for all the creatures present on this universe who are living and non-living and the soul purpose is to spread love and humanity.

Aamir Khan talking about the poem Pasayadan and it's eternal meaning

However, the interesting thing is, not only at the prayer in Hindu temple, but it is also being taught in schools of India whenever kids sit for lunch. This poem and it's lyrics attracts positivity in you and your family members. The vowels in the poem bring success, power, and peace in the family.

woman holding fireflies | Pasayadan lyrics in Marathi, Hindi and English
Pasayadan lyrics in Marathi, Hindi and English | Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com

Meaning of Pasayadan lyrics in Marathi

आता विश्वात्मक देवाने,
या माझ्या वाग्यज्ञाने संतुष्ट व्हावे आणि मला हे पसायदान ( प्रसाद ) द्यावे. ॥ १ ॥
दुष्टांचे दुष्टपण नाहीसे होवो,
त्यांना सत्कर्मे करण्या मध्ये स्वारस्य वाढो.
सर्व प्राणीमात्रांमध्ये मित्रत्वाची भावना निर्माण होवो. ॥ २ ॥
पापी माणसाचा अज्ञानरुपी अंधार नाहीसा होवो,
विश्वात स्वधर्मरूपी सूर्याचा उदय होवो.

प्राणमात्रांच्या मंगल इच्छा पूर्ण होवोत. ॥ ३ ॥
सर्व प्रकारच्या मंगलांचा वर्षाव करणारे ईश्वरनिष्ठ संत पृथ्वीवर अवतरत जावोत आणि प्राणिमात्रांना भेटत जावोत. ॥ ४ ॥
जे (संत) कल्पतरूंची चालती बोलती उद्याने आहेत,
चेतनारूपी चिंतामणी रत्नांची जणू गावेच आहेत,
अमृताचे बोलणारे समुद्रच आहेत, ॥ ५ ॥

जे कोणताही डाग नसलेले निर्मळ चंद्रच आहेत,
तापहीन सूर्यच आहेत असे संतसज्जन सर्व प्राणिमात्रांचे मित्र होवोत. ॥ ६ ॥
तिन्ही लोकांनी सर्व सुखांनी परिपूर्ण होऊन अखंडितपणे विश्वाच्या आदिपुरुषाची सेवा करावी. ॥ ७ ॥
हा ग्रंथ ज्यांचे जीवन आहे,
त्यांनी या जगातील दृष्य आणि अदृष्य भोगांवर विजयी व्हावे. ॥८ ॥
यावर विश्वेश्वर गूरु श्री निवृत्तीनाथ म्हणाले की हा प्रसाद तुला लाभेल.
या वराने ज्ञानदेव सुखी झाले. ॥ ९ ॥

Pasayadan: Eternal existence

This poetry is nothing more than a prayer to God and sacred sacrifices. Pasayadan is the hidden meaning of eternal existence, the poem of his complete Dnyaneshwari that is wonderfully summarised in front of Almighty, the creator of the universe. He said that pessimism should fade away, but not the pessimist, because the defeatist's disappearance will not erase negativity.

Pasaydaan with lyrics | पसायदान | Lata Mangeshkar | Dhyaneshwar Mauli

Pasaydaan with lyrics | पसायदान | Lata Mangeshkar | Dhyaneshwar Mauli

In a nutshell, it is a tribute to the Lord of all, who is hidden within the visible cosmos. It is He who causes the cosmos to emerge and He who causes it to vanish. When He is shown, the cosmos vanishes; when He is hidden, the universe shines.


Join us in celebrating the power of #storytelling

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