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Published in History & Culture


Published in History & Culture


My Journey By Train: Unforgettable Lessons You won’t Believe

In my journey by train, there are so many treasured memories. Here is one of those I like to share with you all guys. I hope you will like this experience and learning.

There are so many lessons and memories with my journey by train since I have left my village and started living in metro city.

I can say there are good and bad memories. One of them was travelling back to village on the occasion of diwali. I still remember, it was a day ago diwali begins, and I was travelling from Pune to Nagpur by “Nagpur Pune Express train”. I had no reservation and I took reservation coach ticket with 51 awaiting list. Therefore, I was left with the option of only unallocated birth.

Always remember, never do it if you are travelling with family. Though I was alone and with one of my friends. I had one bag full of clothes. Therefore, I was so curious to go back to my village after my four months of living alone from my family for the first time in my life.

woman and man waiting on train station | My Journey By Train Taught me These Lessons You won't Believe
My Journey By Train Taught me These Lessons You won't Believe | Photo by veerasak Piyawatanakul on Pexels.com

My Journey By Train

That day, I understood that one should never go by train without a reserved train ticket. However, I was not alone. I could see many students of my age, some of them were a newly married couples, grandparents, and others were middle age people travelling alone without their partners. They were with luggage including their baggage.

The train was still there and everyone was waiting to start their journey. All the clothes of the  passengers were wet and their armpits were stinking so badly to vomiting. I was standing in such a position that I couldn't move them freely. Therefore, my face was just an inch away from the chest of a tall man. If I move left, I could only see a bag heavily loaded, tied on an unknown chest.

I was seated on my bag and was eagerly waiting to release the train from the station. I heard the first whistle. Oh, god! I utter and took a long deep breath of stink. Probably thinking it would be the last breath at this station. There were countless station with this rush and I. It was a long journey of 15 hours. I was hungry a bit. I did not take any snacks. Furthermore, I thought I will get it at the first station as I love eating at the railway station stalls.

As the train started moving, and the wheels were railing to squeal to get speed, everyone including me got relaxed and sweat-stinking soon gone away. I could also feel that after few stops, everyone got relaxed space to move freely around. The chattering of the people was too loud and unable to hear someone standing ten feet away. The other was calling loudly to check his luggage, and the next seat couple went on chatting and laughing. When I look at my bag, it was torn, “this  journey costed me of another 1000 bucks.” I thought. However, I was quickly certain that I am not going to get a place to sleep tonight after glanced over the entire coach.

I had my blanket from that, what I did you won’t believe. I made a swinger as my bed for the night. Therefore, I tied two corners of the blanket at middle birth and other two corners to the opposite side birth and formed a cradle. A baby of a year-old get swings in India. I had my dinner and then grabbed my swinger around 10:30pm, took out my mobile and headphone and started listening to songs.

My Journey By Train has disturbed many times like this

A sudden bump wake me up. It was TT (ticket examiner) came in the middle of my sleep around 12:45 asking me for the ticket. My sleeping eyes lifted the left heavy eyes and in another second both clearly could see him pointing his hand toward me asking for the ticket. I saved myself from another catastrophe by thank god that I was not without the ticket. I heard many people were travelling without a ticket. Furthermore, I lifted my bony butt and withdrew the wallet, showed him. A small torch guided TT and I owned the ticket but not a birth. Therefore, he went into another coach.

I was enjoying the cold air through the open window. Furthermore, soothing my discomfort and the temper due to no birth allocation. The wait was just to reach the destination safely. My sleep was disturbed, and another second, my phone was a companion. As soon as the phone backlight (screen) flashed on the face, and before I put the headphone on, I heard a voice. My brain analysed it was a 22 to 26-year-old female with annoy tone.

I hid the mobile phone under my chest and look up straight. “Yes?” I utter. All the other passengers were asleep and few of them were snoring. I thought she must have boarded when I was sleeping. “How can you sleep in front of a girl like this?” My legs were pointing her legs. Her tone cooled down and soft when we see each other’s face.

“I did not get to confirm birth. Hence, I had to do this desi juggad.”

She smiled. “It is really a number one juggad.”

“Where do you stay?” She continued


“Which collage?”

Our conversations kept continued, and a sudden one passenger came and asked her to get out of his birth. She was not a confirmed passenger. We both looked each other and laughed. I reached home safely without another troubles later in that night. Further, I decided that I should book the ticket in days advance to avoid such life incidents. However, the life teaches us something new and important in such types of journey. Therefore, it comes must travel without ticket or reserve seat. I mate my friends and celebrated diwali very well that year. There are many such journeys, my journey by train gives me smiles or sometimes silent.


Join us in celebrating the power of #storytelling

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