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Published in History & Culture


Published in History & Culture


Mary Ann Bevan 7 Bizarre Truth You Will Never Believe

To feed the family, Mary Ann Bevan acquired the tittle “The ugliest woman in the world” in 1900 for the love of kids.

It is one of the heartbreaking stories that continues to inspire those who have been diagnosed with the same illness as Mary Ann Bevan.

Her life struggles are rarely mentioned or written about in the history of women. The one who sacrificed against their will, without regard for social humiliation and confrontation, Mary Ann Bevan was born in Plaistow, London, on December 20, 1874, and died on December 26, 1933. She was a beautiful lady, struggled through poverty and became a nurse after her degree in medical science. She had witnessed the battles of poverty and misfortune firsthand and had been severely beaten by her family situation at a young age.

My name is Mary Ann Bevan, and I was born in London on December 20, 1874 from a large and poor family. One of the eight daughters. For this, I had to start working early. Finding a job as a nurse. Credit to Twitter @JohannesBuckler

Mary Ann Bevan before acromegaly

Life's shocking things for Mary Ann Bevan

and un-predicting things should never happens with any one what happened with Mary Ann bevan children

At the age of 29, she met the love of her life, Thomas Bevan, thinking all the pain would be gone forever. Both married in 1903. Life was going well for the couple; however, before they could think any further, a sudden wave of life's shock arrived. and the gradual progression of hormonal imbalance into acromegaly (extra growth in tissues and organs resulting in abnormalities in overall appearance). Furthermore, another big surprise appeared in her life that no ordinary woman expects. After her husband passed away, she was left with four children and a lot of mental stress. Thus, all the family members were left in misery.

Unexpected growth of her illness started continue for Mary Ann Bevan

Learn how a newspaper headline earned Mary Ann Bevan family millions of dollars.

Mary noticed an increase in the severity of her illness with each month and year, and she began to become distorted; she had already quit her nursing job a long time ago. Her kids started growing, and the burdens of their educations, food, clothes, and other important things started bothering Mrs. Bevan. Despite her deformed face and ugliest appearance, she decided to leave her house and look for work. Mary wanted to heal her financial bore, which had drilled badly into the hearts of the family. Moreover, their dreams were waiting for a new sunrise in their lives. As a result, a newspaper headline earned her family millions of dollars. Check out the latest celebrity news here.

It is true that the pain of Bevan could feel by any single mother, especially who raised more than three children. However, it is more difficult to a woman who was depressed, with acute migraine, body pain every alternate day with distorted face. Bevan decided to end her home life despite her worst condition. Her eye side were hidden due to increase in muscle around the areas. Mary made a firm decision to enter into a contest, “Ugliest Woman” which she did win.

Later, Bevan went through the confrontation and humiliations kept continued until her death. After she won the contest, adding a lifetime tagged “the ugliest woman” in the world recorded worldwide just for her kids and their happiness. Soon she took another step in her career. She joined “Freak Show” Convey Island Dreamland sideshow, which was her last.

The message of Mary Bevan also considered one of the inspirational woman from 90s. We find such woman rare or not at all. However, we see today mother (woman) considered as a great goddess who runs the family as equal as father. Nowadays, such decease (Acromegaly) affected patients can get better treatment and can stop further spreading of the decease.


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