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Published in Essay, History & Culture


Published in Essay, History & Culture


Health is wealth: The Greatest Human Blessings

When you believe that health is wealth, you may begin to act on your health difficulties and become rich. It is required nowadays.

On the current corona epidemic, the majority of people, whether I say human or smart human, failed to get both excellent health and money. People learn a lot about how health is wealth.

It was the time when people got and understood that they did not care about their health recently. I heard from many people that china is the one who was the first country who spread the virus and eating Chinese food, brought up our health issues. How much it is true? Only the public knows it very well. A kid also know that eating fast food like noodles, fried rice on the street never been good and healthy for our lifestyle. This essay talks on health is wealth and covered advantage and its disadvantage.

person holding white printer paper | Health is wealth
Health is wealth | Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev on Pexels.com

Health is wealth it is an ultimate truth

Most of the people have adapted this new habit of eating fast cooked food as people are running for only money. They talk and eat, they run and eat, they work and eat. There is hardly a time fixed for eating. Overeating due to good taste, however, that food might take several hours to digest, but no one cares. Public also eat late night and food which are not allowed in the nighttime. Occasionally, the man reads the health and wealth related paragraph online and just leave it pursuing.

Bad habits of eating food which are less cooked, adding unwanted sauces to the food and more acidic to body does loss of appetite of the person. These forceful circumstances happen due to we have less time. Mostly when a person goes to office and don't take a tiffin with him. This affects a lot on health, and thus it causes spending money means impact on wealth. It actually defines well as the health is wealth. However, its supper defines when you're caught in a bad health situation and that time, you have to spend a thousand of money to hospitals.

We should limit on eating fried foods, which causes terrible impression on our health and its related issues. It is a similar like one who creates a new food products, the same person opens the hospital for its cure. So, it automatically doubles up his earnings. However, what about we middle-class people who earn to meet the daily expectations hardly? And it's quite difficult to get their health card for free.

We must focus on health first, then on earnings as it comes early and then your job. If you are not healthy, you will not perform your duty well. How do we focus on our health and its issues? It is very normal, eating fresh food and on time, however, quality meal is a key success to convert health into wealth. Therefore, only through this way, healthcare is possible. Everyone gives a speech on health is wealth, but he himself does not follow every time.

One of the Quotes on Health is Wealth

Health is the greatest of human blessings


The health issues will arise simply when we are careless about our health and actively aware about wealth. When we are hungry, we should not eat whatever is available. Therefore, wait and get good food rather of focusing on our hungriness. This is a first step involves primarily and caught in a bad health situation incidents. Never purchase foods which are not fresh and uncovered. Those foods include snacks, which are easily available everywhere. A lot of dust passes over the food.

woman eating crepes with strawberries
Health is wealth, it is depend on your eating and sleeping habits | Photo by Nadin Sh on Pexels.com

Eating the food late night left undigested in the stomach and causes excessive gasses, and it may lead to diarrheas and other constipation. As well as, the meal which has highly spicy and oily should be avoided.

Overeating is nowadays one of the trending issues. People eat more due to its good taste. However, we should eat one third of its total available space inside our stomach and the remaining only water. The more water in the body helps digestion and keeps away stomach issues at the bay.

Conclusion: Health is the first and prime important aspect of our life, and it always comes first thing in our period of time. It is the greatest blessing than the other things. Money may or may not buy health, it has proved in the Covid-19 as many people has lost the lives.


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