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Join us in celebrating the power of #storytelling

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Published in History & Culture


Creative writing prompts submission

i'mBiking magazine allows writers to submit their creative writing prompts and advertise their blog links for free.

It's time to put an end to writer's block. Our magazine's creative writing prompts assist authors generate remarkable ideas. Writers can submit their work and promote it.

Writing prompts assist authors generate fresh ideas and practise their writing on a regular basis. You may submit your own or request one from us. Simply send us an email at hello@weekendreads.me and we will send you the one for poetry, long form essay, or article. Use "writing prompt" as the subject line.

What do you mean by creative writing prompts and how it works?

Creative writing prompts are prompts or cues given to writers to inspire them to create a story, poem, or other written work. These prompts can come in many forms, such as a sentence, a word, a picture, a scenario, or a question. The purpose of these prompts is to spark the writer's imagination and get them thinking creatively, helping to overcome writer's block and stimulate new ideas. Writing prompts can be used in a variety of settings, including classrooms, writing groups, and individual writing practice.

The procedures of submitting writing prompts in i'mBiking Magazine is easy

You can ask us for writing prompts or choose from the this list and start writing. Once the prompt is finished, you can follow the guidelines below.

The draft must be above 1200 words long in word format if you are sending it through email. You can submit to submission@lekh.co or sign up and submit through the website.

close up photography of woman sitting beside table while using macbook \ Creative writing prompts submission to i'mBiking
Creative writing prompts submission | Photo by Andrew Neel on Pexels.com


Before you hit the submit button to send to the editor through email or submission tool, please read the following rules.

The incomplete submission will not be reviewed and will be returned to the draft with action points.*

  • Read below rules and points to consider for submission.
    1. Attach a Word document with all the information.
    2. Don't miss writing your author bio up to 20 words in second person at the bottom of the article. Sign up on Gravatar* to upload your photo, ignore if you have already signed up.
    3. You must have min 1 social media link in the bio, (Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter). It brings authority to the article and avoids duplication of the article in the search.
    4. The article should be at least 1200 words and maximum of your wishes (except poetry).
    5. Attach the appropriate images if required (optional). You may find images free from copyright from Pexel.com Wikimedia commons, or search on Google for "free stock images".
    6. Do not forget to add two lines sub-heading to the title (to provide readers with an overview of the article) or you may call it meta description (in SEO terms) including your keywords.
    7. Your keyword should be present in the title of the article, meta description, first paragraph, and H2 and H3 headings.

What happens next after your article (prompt) is published in i'mBiking?

Create an article about this achievement in your blog/website and link back to the original article. This provides authority and the finest approach to follow the normal SEO strategy and assist search engines in better understanding. This is the final, mandatory and most important guideline for this "No Cost Article Publishing Programme." (except sponsored and paid guest post).

If you have any questions about submission, use our submission guidelines page to know about the rules for article submission.


Join us in celebrating the power of #storytelling

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