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Published in Essay, History & Culture


Published in Essay, History & Culture


Causes of air pollution: Best Results from Air Pollution

Let's take a deep dive and learn about the best ways to stop the causes of air pollution.

Air pollution is a major source of worry not only in India, but across the world. The causes of air pollution that we may learn from and employ to lessen air pollution. The key sources of worry about air pollution are listed below, and if we can control these, we will be able to achieve our goal.

woman in white jacket sitting on concrete stairs | Causes of air pollution | A women wearing mask at home.
Causes of air pollution | A women wearing mask at home. | Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com

Causes of air pollution

  1. Ongoing Road and Building Constructions.
  2. Farm Debris on Fire.
  3. Factory Smokes.
  4. Heat Waves (tree cutting).
  5. Wildfires.
  6. City Transportation.
  7. Burning of Garbage in Open Space.

Ongoing Road and Building Constructions

In India, everywhere and in every city there is ongoing road and building construction is continuously running. Therefore, they need hundreds of trucks to load and unload the building materials. Those trucks travel from minimum of 100 km up and down. While in transport, they litter the materials on the clean road, make them dirty.

However, we can achieve this in reducing the air pollution. When we stop these activities from December to May, we can reduce air pollution. During this period, summer starts and the ongoing construction are one of the prone source in contributing to the pollution. If these things happen in a bit greeny, rainy and fresh environment. There are fewer chances of spreading off in the air.

Farm Debris on Fire

Most of the farms became empty, probably when harvesting done and all the debris from the thousands of farms around the city set on fire. In most of the Indian farms like sugarcane farms, beans generating farms (like soybean, yellow split pigeon peas, other lentils, and cotton yield farms) burns the leftover, debris. Instead, the farmers dump all the debris in the dry water well and leave it to decay, so it will be easier to convert them into vermicompost.

Factory Smokes

The factory smokes emission is second measure contributors to air pollution. To reduce the smoke, 90% is impossible, but we can filter the emission of carbon from the smoke by placing the smoke filter so that we can reduce or control on getting the air affected.

Heat Waves

Heat waves due to climate change is also considering one of the cause of air pollution. It happens due to increase in temperature in the surrounding by emission of smoke from the vehicles, factories, debris burning etc. The other measure cause of heat waves are from wildfire. Therefore, let's discuss how we can prevent the wildfire.

Prevent Wildfires

We have to consider few things to avoid the wildfire, it mostly happens due to some ignorance of human too. When we go out for camping, build your campfire away from combustible and only in the open space. Furthermore, in the forest, do not leave the place without dowse it until it is cold and complete wet. Moreover, never keep your vehicles into the dry grass areas. It could catch fire and chances of spreading the flames rapidly. Therefore, keeping a fire extinguisher handy when you go camping.

City Transportation

Today’s main interest about the air pollution is vehicles, and it is all over the world. It is we that producing tons of carbon in the air and making the air impure every hour. Now it has gone beyond the reach of nature to control it. It is the time now we have to focus on air pollution. The government of all the world has decided to give subsidiary for those who are buying electric vehicles. These vehicles are emission-free and are the standard origin of reducing the impurity from the air.

Burning of Garbage in Open Space

Burning garbage is not a solution nowadays, instead increase the pollution. We can get excellent biodegradable in returns from the kitchen waste. Organic matter that includes leaves, food scrape from the kitchen and mostly useful for composting. All these things turn into valuable fertilizer, which would help ultimately enrich the soil and get magnificent result in farming.

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