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Published in History & Culture


Why Anne Frank The Diary Had Been So Popular Till Now

For a while in their lives, being Jews in Germany and Hindu in Pakistan was a curse. There are still religious disputes all over the world in every country. Although we are all made of one substance, this does not allow the average person to live in peace. One of these events, which affected millions of families during World War ...

For a while in their lives, being Jews in Germany and Hindu in Pakistan was a curse. There are still religious disputes all over the world in every country. Although we are all made of one substance, this does not allow the average person to live in peace. One of these events, which affected millions of families during World War 2, was frequently discussed and was documented in the diary of 13-year-old Anne Frank (12 June 1929-Feb 1945). However, only one person from her family survived, and it was her father, Otto Frank.

Anne Frank was a younger daughter of a German businessman, Otto Frank, who later moved to the Netherlands and Switzerland. Holocaust victim Anne became well-known for keeping a diary and sharing her experiences. She used to read in class and had aspirations of becoming a writer. She had also written short stories. Frank and her family went into hiding for almost two years to abstain from the Nazis. Only Otto from the family managed to survive the war.

Anne Frank while writing in 1940 | credit to Wikimedia Commons

Secret Annexe (Anne Frank's hiding place)

Many Jews started hiding in their secret places as the German secret state police started invading and arresting Jews. As a result, not only was Otto's business closed, but also the Jewish community as a whole and their freedom. During the first three years of World War II (which started in September 1939), anti-Jewish legislation was created to separate Jews from Germans. Jews were subjected to greater humiliation, isolation, and demonization at every stage of their lives. They were forced not to go to the cinema hall, the shopping complex, and were restricted from many other things. In 1939, nearly 50 anti-Jewish laws were passed by the Nazi persecution. They were on a night curfew. All these things happened immediately after Adolf Hitler came to power.

otto frank
Otto frank | Credit to wikipedia

The hiding place of Otto Frank, called the Secret Annexe. This is the curse of time on the millions of Jews, about 200,000 in Germany, concentrated in and around Berlin. As a result, those who were too old, children, parents, deceased, or wounded were residing in the camp without access to running water for their toilets. In her diary, Anne detailed how the Holocaust caused Jews to suffer and eventually perish. The interactions between people and her positive and negative experiences were almost like a story from every day.

“[…] Every night, hundreds of planes fly over Holland and go to German towns where the earth is plowed up by their bombs and every hour hundreds and thousands of people are killed in Russia and Africa. No one is able to keep out of it. The whole world is wagging war and although it is going better for the allies, the end is not yet in sight. And for us, we are fortunate yes, we are luckiest than millions of people. It is quite and safe here, and we are, so to speak, living on capital. We are even so selfish as to talk about “after the war” brighten. […]”

According to the situation out there in German, peace lovers, those who oppose the war were murdered or gassed in Poland and Russia. Anne always loved to write about her friends and family, but never liked to write about the politics. However, the situations made her write about overhead noisy flying planes (overnight), bombardment of bombs, humiliations, and experience of thriller of families under unknown roof that sometimes breathless and fear could be seen in trembling hands. Holland was the closest place of Germany. Those days, it was a prominent battlefield. All of them were going through psychological trauma.

Who found Anne Frank the diary of a Young girl?

The frequently recalled victim, Anne Frank, of the Holocaust, received fame through her diary, “The Diary of a Young Girl”. Anne was born in Frankfurt and soon moved to Amsterdam when she was four and a half years old. It was a period when Adolf Hitler and other Nazi supporters led Germany. As a result, three years before the start of World War 2, a difficult time began for all Jews. Jews in those times were as worthy of death as anyone. In addition, the minutes, hours, days, and months were the hardest times ever, leading to mental illness and instability, among other things.

Otto Frank and his family were made stateless after losing their citizenship in 1941. Living in a secret annex for two years came to an end, though. The Frank family was detained on August 4, 1944, by Dutch informers, or Nazi Gestapo. It occurred in Amsterdam, and all of them were sent to the concentration camp on November 1, 1944, in Auschwitz. Anne was 15 when she was caught. Margot and Anne were later transferred to the concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen. Two of Otto Frank's assistants, Miep Gies and Voskuijl, later discovered Anne's diary and other written documents in his secret annexe. In Anne's drawers, they meticulously arranged all the important written documents and her diary.

Furthermore, Anne Frank's diary, the diary of a young girl, reveals a lot of information. Thus, Anne and her sister both rest in peace, having most likely passed away from typhus (a fever disease spread by lice, fleas, and various other insects). High fever, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea are symptoms of acute typhus. There was no running water in the toilets. However, in some concentration camps, female inmates were used as test subjects for medical research, hundreds of whom died from the treatments, and others were killed so that autopsies could be done on them. However, those who survived, left with permanent injuries. The kids were also used for organ transplants.

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

George Santayana

The diary of Anne became the most famous in the world and was translated into 70 languages. Originally released in 1947, immediately following India's independence. Originally, the book was translated from Dutch to English in 1952.

Additionally, read The Letter of Mahatma Gandhi to Adolf Hitler and about Holocaust survivor and author Primo Levy. The letter was an appeal to Adolf Hitler to reverse his horrific, fatally mistaken decision to start World War 2.

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